Papaver Flower Co. is a small floral studio and garden in Santa Rosa, California specializing in sustainable garden-inspired design.


With every arrangement we create, our goal is to translate our wonder for the natural world into artistic designs full of movement and perfect imperfections. Using unusual varieties from our garden, our neighboring growers, and wild ingredients we forage, our aesthetic aims to captivate as a whole, then pull you in with unexpected elements of intrigue. We passionately believe in the power of nature and art to inspire, heal, and bring joy. We look to nature for artistic direction, always.​


​We grow a variety of our own interesting cut flowers and foliages at Blue Leg Farms (and smuggle the occasional tomato vine) using simple, organic practices. There's something so wholesome about designing with unique material we've watched transform from seed to sprout to bloom firsthand that is often lost in flowers grown commercially for cut flower production. Some of our current garden favorites include foxglove (spring), butterfly ranunculus (spring), Icelandic poppies (spring), sweet peas (early summer), agrostemma (early summer), strawflower (summer-fall), dahlias (summer-fall), zinnias (summer-fall), ornamental grasses (summer-fall), and autumn foliage. It's our hope that those special ingredients that we dash out to the cutting garden for delight you the same way they do us.


The floral industry is notoriously "dirty." Commercial cut flowers are grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, pumped with preservative, wrapped in plastic, occasionally dyed, and imported to the US - all before meeting the hands of a florist. We aim to take a stance against this standard by limiting our impact on the environment whenever possible in the following ways:

  • growing our own flowers organically without the use of chemicals

  • prioritizing sourcing from local growers

  • NEVER using floral foam (a non-biodegradable, petroleum-derived, single use product containing formaldehyde used for structural support inside vases)

  • using reusable mechanics such as chicken wire in our vases and water tubes in our installations

  • limiting use of single use plastics whenever possible

  • composting all green waste

Gina Strathman is the founder and owner of Papaver Flower Co. Her educational background is in graphic design and business management, with a degree from Parsons School of Design in New York City. While living in the city, she interned with the visual team at ABC Home where she humbly got her first floral chops changing water in the restaurant's bud vases. She is endlessly inspired by color, and will forever be a sponge for knowledge on honing her craft.

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Growing and designing with flowers on native Pomo-Miwok land in Sonoma County, CA